May 27, 2018

Strong Cellular Coverage Boosts Building Values

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Strong Cellular Coverage Boosts Building Values

Only about 2 percent of commercial buildings have dedicated technology in place that offers a strong, reliable mobile coverage and capacity indoors, a new study finds. The buildings that do offer strong mobile coverage are seeing property values increase because of it, a new study by CommScope, a global network infrastructure company, suggests.

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“People are obsessed with their mobile phones and see indoor wireless coverage as important as having access to water and electricity,” says Ispran Kandasamy with Building Solutions and CommScope. “The time has come for building professionals to step forward and take ownership for connecting their tenants to mobile networks.” 

Indoor wireless mobile coverage in commercial buildings stands to increase a property’s value by 28 percent, on average. That means a $2.5 million office building could be worth $700,000 more with a dedicated indoor cellular system, according to the survey of professionals building managers, facilities managers, real estate managers, and architects.

What’s more, survey respondents even linked a strong signal to an increase in workforce productivity (77%), helping in the recruitment of more talented individuals (46%), and attracting more visitors (39%). Also, two-thirds of survey respondents rated indoor wireless connectivity as “essential” for employees, the survey found.  

However, delivering mobile coverage in large, complex buildings could prove to be a financial hurdle for many buildings. Thirty-five percent of respondents cited the costs as the main roadblock.

“While there are clearly concerns around the cost and complexity of the technology, building owners must acknowledge that ignoring this issue could result in more costly work in the future,” Kandasamy says. “Engaging with architects, facilities managers and enterprises at an early stage will ultimately save money – as well as providing an enhanced user experience. Only by taking the lead will building owners be able to provide much needed connectivity in their properties.”

Source: CommScope