June 17, 2018

Are "Bestie Hoods" the Next Thing?

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Are "Bestie Hoods" the Next Thing?

Many home buyers realize the compromises that come with buying a home: You want a nest of your own, but you want to be near friends. A group of four couples near Austin purchased enough land to meet both needs.

The "Llano Exit Strategy," as the eight call their getaway neighborhood, also nicknamed "Bestie Row," is an attractive parcel of land on the Llano River outside Austin, Texas, with four cabins and a larger common building for shared accommodations.

Each couple's 400-square-foot cabin cost $40,000 to build, while the 1,500-square-foot common building includes a kitchen, space for dinners and activities, and guest accommodations.

The homes were designed to deal with Texas' climate, using galvanized metal siding to reflect the strong sunshine and spray foam insulation to block summer heat while keeping the cabins warm in the winter.

Source: "These 4 Couples Were Friends For 20 Years, And Their Latest Idea Is BRILLIANT!"