May 26, 2018

6 Common Questions From Sellers

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6 Common Questions From Sellers

Home sellers have a lot of questions in getting their home ready for the market. Will you have all the answers?

Read more: The Questions Your Buyers Want Answered® recently asked real estate professionals to offer up the most common questions they get from sellers. Being able to give clients answers to these questions will help show your knowledge and value. You can also use these questions, and your answers, as content on your website, blog, or social media channels.

  • How much is my house worth?
  • How much needs to be done to my house before putting it on the market?
  • How long will it take to sell my house?
  • Is staging really important?
  • Should I be present when buyers view my house?
  • What is the agent’s commission?

Need help with the answers? Check out the full post at®.

Source: “The Most Common Questions Asked by Home Sellers – Answered,”® (Feb. 22, 2016)