April 26, 2018

LA Urges Landlords to be More Pet-Friendly

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LA Urges Landlords to be More Pet-Friendly

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to approve a motion to urge more landlords to accept pets. It wants to help prevent renters from having to make the tough decision to give up pets when they move.

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The city wants to work with local landlords to find ways to allow more renters to be able to have their pets. The motion isn’t legally binding.

Nearly two-thirds of more than 2 million rental properties in Los Angeles don’t allow domestic animals, according to the City Council. For comparison, in Denver, 98 percent of apartment complexes allow cats; 93 percent allow small dogs; and 66 percent allow large dogs.

The Los Angeles City Council believes this motion will help keep more animals out of local pet shelters and will eventually make their shelter system "no kill." The number one reason why pets in LA end up in shelters is owners moving to a new home.

“It’s a challenge for tenants with pets,” says Maria Norris, a real estate professional in Los Angeles with The Rental Girl. “You may have to concede something else to simply find a place.”

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