May 25, 2018

‘Ugly’ Homes Find a Niche in Real Estate

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‘Ugly’ Homes Find a Niche in Real Estate

The ugly home's curb appeal may begin and end at the curb — but more and more real estate professionals are bringing a dose of reality to their listings of eyesores, hoping the ugly ducklings might still attract home buyers.

Selling the Ugly

How to Tell Sellers Their Home Is an Eyesore

The Rise of the Unsightly Home

Battling the Neighborhood Eyesore® reports that a small but growing number of listings nationwide are advertising “ugly homes,” complete with descriptions of the home as “dirty” to the “worst in the neighborhood.”

“People love eye-catching headlines, and reverse psychology seems to work,” says Cara Ameer, a real estate professional in Ponte Vedra, Fla. “These types of descriptors pique interest, and people say, ‘How bad could it be?’”

One three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Northridge, Calif., listed at $475,000 is being marketed as a “flipper’s fantasy” -- but “cash only.” The listing includes photos showing an exterior covered in overgrown landscaping and a brown, dirty interior complete with wall cracks and missing flooring.

The listing reads: “This is truly the worst home in the best neighborhood.”® notes the home has been viewed 123,900 times since being posted two weeks ago.

A three-bedroom home in Mechanicsburg, Pa., is also trying to use the “worst home in the neighborhood” hook to lure a buyer. The listing description reads: “We have the winner in the ugly-house contest with this. … It needs everything, starting with soap and water. … Because of its horrendous condition, you have the opportunity for the buy of a lifetime.”

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