April 23, 2018

Apple: Beware of Bug Striking Your iPhone

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Apple: Beware of Bug Striking Your iPhone

Apple is warning its users that a website link is quickly spreading across social media and text messages that can cause your iOS devices to crash.

The link to can cause the web browser on your iPhone to go black, forcing users to restart their devices.  It can also affect iPads and iPod Touches using the latest version of iOS as well as Google's Chrome, Mozilla's Firefox, and the Mac version of Apple's Safari.

You may not know you’re clicking on the link. The website recently has gone viral on social media with some pranksters using URL shorteners like to hide the corrupted link.

Global News reports that the URL “overloads the browser with a complicated string of code, causing the browser to freeze and ultimately crash.”

The site does not contain malware, so it won’t create any lasting problems on your devices.

Apple says it is working on a fix. iMore editor-in-chief Rene Ritchie recommends that iOS users long-press on a link to see the full URL before pressing to open it; OS X users should hover the mouse over the text link to view the full URL before clicking, Ritchie says.

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