May 27, 2018

The Perfect Niche for the New Year

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The Perfect Niche for the New Year

Looking to break into a new market segment in 2016? Here’s one some agents say will offer “the easiest money you will ever make.”

Building a niche in new-home construction may indeed prove profitable in 2016. New-home construction is expected to rise in the new year and may be a great area to pick up new business leads. 

“The new-home construction market is rich with opportunities and inventory,” says Steve Rider, Keller Williams MAPS Coach and president of the National Build Trade-in Program. 

Get expert tips on how to cement partnerships in new construction next year.

Rider—who expects to complete 3,200 transactions in 2016—reveals that he’s drawn to the new-home market for several reasons. 

“Buyers are afforded many unique build opportunities which are unavailable in the resale market,” says Rider. “Agents bring their clients to builders and together, they create the home of their dreams. It is fun.”

Dan Grieb, also a MAPS coach, says he sees ample opportunity in the new-home market in 2016 as well. 

“We’ve found that the biggest problem is that agents forget that these new homes exist,” Grieb says. “But, typically, these transactions are very easy. Our job is to complete the transaction and get out of the way.” 

Source: “The Easiest Money You Will Ever Make,” Keller Williams Blog (Dec. 23, 2015)