May 27, 2018

Tech Topics That Moved Us Forward This Year

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Tech Topics That Moved Us Forward This Year

It's easy to fall behind on the latest advances in real estate technology, but there's still a chance to catch up before the new year. That's why we looked at the most popular features in our technology section to find out what your colleagues have been reading over the past year.

If you haven't checked out these five pieces, take a look. Because 2016 is not a year when you want to fall behind.

  1. Should You Pursue Drone Technology? This piece tackles a question many of our readers struggled with in 2015. The article sources advice from a member who's commercial drones legally, NAR staff, and a government official with the FAA. 
  2. Does It Make Sense to Buy Leads? An age-old real estate dilemma is tackled from a technological standpoint in a thoughtful, analytical way we've all grown to expect from the inimitable Stefanie Hahn.
  3. 6 Simple Steps to Skyrocket Your Website. This piece is a black hole, but in a good way. That's thanks to Seth Price's method of offering clear, concise tech advice bolstered by tons of juicy links to other articles where you can dig deeper.
  4. Real Estate and the Internet of Things. Many readers started 2015 not knowing what the "Internet of Things" meant, but by now you should have a working definition. If not, this piece (along with its companion about how associations and MLSs may use IoT in the future) will help round you out.
  5. Make Google Happy by Tackling Local SEO. With recent updates to the entire concept of search engine optimization and high Google rankings, this piece is indispensable to your web strategy.

Enjoy! And let us know what tech trends you'd like to read about in 2016 in the comment section below.

—REALTOR® Magazine