May 23, 2018

Does Your Outdated Computer Need a Reboot?

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Does Your Outdated Computer Need a Reboot?

Computer technology is constantly evolving, which can prove a headache for business leaders who are trying to make sure their systems don’t fall behind.

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Businesses need to routinely upgrade or replace old computer systems or risk falling behind their competitors, according to recent article at RISMedia. “If they try to muddle through with a cranky jalopy when everyone else moved up to the latest sports car, they may find themselves out of the race for consumer dollars,” according to the article. An out-of-date system can put your business at risk for cybersecurity threats and even affect employee morale and production with those who may grow frustrated at a slow or constantly freezing up computer.

The big questions remain: Is it time to junk the system entirely and buy new? Or can the current system be salvaged with some updates? An IT assessment for a small business may help answer such key questions.

“That would tell you how well your technology infrastructure matches up with the goals and needs of your business,” says Nicole McMackin, president of Irvine Technology Corp., which offers information technology solutions and staffing. “A good assessment will tell you if you are spending too much or too little, and can point out ways that you can gain the most leverage from technology.”

McMackin is quick to note: “Businesses don’t need something just because it’s the newest and flashiest thing. They need what will help them succeed with their bottom line.”

Source: “Outdated Computer Systems Play Havoc with the Bottom Line,” RISMedia (Dec. 13, 2015)