September 21, 2017

Ga. Sheriff Charged in Agent Shooting

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Ga. Sheriff Charged in Agent Shooting

An Atlanta area sheriff was charged with a misdemeanor Wednesday after he says he accidentally shot a real estate agent at a model home while conducting "police training exercises."

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Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill will face charges of reckless conduct in the shooting of real estate agent Gwenevere McCord, 43, with Paran Realty in Jonesboro, Ga. McCord remains in critical condition with a gunshot to the abdomen.

Hill was released on a $2,950 bond on Wednesday. He has refused to speak with investigators, which has raised further questions over what happened that led to the shooting of McCord. Hill and McCord were alone inside the model home at the time of the shooting, and McCord is still physically unable to offer a statement of what occurred. 

On a 911 call that Hill placed shortly after the incident, he allegedly told operators that he accidentally shot McCord while he was practicing "police tactics." In a public statement, later issued, he has called the shooting a "tragic accident."

Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter told the media that a lot of questions still remain on what occurred that led to the agent’s shooting.

"It would certainly assist the investigation if we had his side of the facts, but that's his choice to make," Porter said. "I can't force him to."

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