May 27, 2018

Foot Fetishist Threatening Agents Again

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Foot Fetishist Threatening Agents Again

A man with a foot fetish who reportedly has been contacting real estate professionals and demanding photos of their feet appears to be expanding his odd requests to agents across the country. The man's latest victim, an agent in Portland, Ore., says she received a threatening text on Sunday from a person demanding she send a photo of her feet.

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Donna Ellison told reporters the text message she received read: "This is not a joke. I want three close-up pics of your bare feet sent to me now. Also indicate your shoe size. I know exactly from where you come and go, so should you fail to fulfill this request, you're going to need 24-hour protection — forever."

In other states, practitioners have reported receiving similar texts. Last spring, about two dozen pros in the Phoenix area reported that a man had contacted them, asking questions about their feet and, in some cases, asking if they'd be interested in a foot massage. The agents said the man called himself "Anthony." None of the real estate professionals had agreed to meet the man in person.

Police in Phoenix confirmed they had received several complaints about the suspicious calls, but the man hadn't broken any laws.

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"If it's just a copycat or whatever, that's what it is," Ellison told FOX-12 KPTV News. "But the reality is, if this is the same guy, he's been prolific. He has been stalking women for years now in other states."

Ellison reported the incident to the police. Police say they tried to contact the phone number that had texted Ellison but they have been unable to get through.

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