May 23, 2018

1 in 3 Homes Is a Rental

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1 in 3 Homes Is a Rental

A growing number of single-family homes have become rentals, according to the findings from the newly released 2013 American Housing Survey, by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and U.S. Census Bureau. The report takes a look at the nation’s housing stock and provides information on the housing quality and make-up.

The report shows that 65 percent of all housing units were occupied by owners in 2011, while 35 percent were occupied by renters. Fewer homes are standing vacant. Of the 133 million total housing units in 2013, 87 percent were occupied—an increase of 413,000 since 2011. 

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The housing stock is reportedly having fewer maintenance issues. Households reported slightly fewer problems with the plumbing, heating, and electrical from 2011 to 2013, the report showed. Still, nearly 2 million homes reported severe physical problems in 2013, and nearly 4 million housing units that had moderate physical problems. Ten percent—or 1 in 10 households—reported seeing signs of cockroaches within last 12 months; 9 percent reported evidence of mice. 

The survey also showed that lot sizes are getting a lot smaller. The median size of a single-family lot was 0.25 acres in 2013, compared to 0.36 acres in 1973. But at least as lots get smaller, more Americans are getting along with their neighbors. About half of all Americans reported getting along with their neighbors. Eighty-two percent of households said they had talked to their neighbor in the past month and about 50 percent “strongly agree” with the statement that they get along with their neighbors, the survey showed. 

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