May 23, 2018

Landscape Tips Protect Against Winter Temps

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Landscape Tips Protect Against Winter Temps

The Farmer’s Almanac recently announced a winter forecast with below-normal temperatures for three-quarters of the nation. Last winter was extremely difficult for plants, trees, and shrubs, and damage has been observed across much of the nation.

More Tips to Pass on to Your Clients:

Help your clients’  protect their landscape investment and avoid costly replacements. Here are two important tips from the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), the national landscape industry association, on how to prepare the lawn and landscape for the upcoming winter weather’s frigid temperatures, snow, and ice.

Water deeply in late fall. Many home owners think their plants don’t need water in the winter or they assume snow melt will provide enough hydration. Plants do need to have access to water in the soil during winter.  Watering plants and trees deeply in late fall before the first frost will help ensure that they have access to water after the ground freezes.

Wrap plants or smaller trees. Many plant varieties like roses, butterfly bushes, hydrangeas, and crape myrtles experienced damage last winter. To provide plants with extra protection from the wind and cold, wrap them in burlap or a frost protection fabric, especially at night. Leaves can also be stuffed inside and around the branches and at the base to add extra insulation.

Source: Professional Landcare Network (PLANET)