May 23, 2018

When Your Buyers Are Naked

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When Your Buyers Are Naked

What would you do if you were showing a home to a couple and they asked if they could take their clothes off to get more comfortable? Jackie Youngblood tells them, "Sure!"

Find Your Niche

And you thought you had an interesting niche? You ain't seen nothin' yet (literally).

Youngblood, an agent with Keller Williams Tampa Properties in Tampa, Fla., caters to nudists who are coming to Pasco County, known as the nudist capital of North America for its 12 or so clothing-optional resorts.

But working with people who will likely arrive at a showing naked and go on the house hunt in the buff comes with a serious set of rules and proper etiquette. How do you even get into this niche, and can you really be taken seriously as an agent who works with nudists?

Find out the naked truth about this peculiar niche, and watch a clip of Youngblood in action.