May 27, 2018®: 'Supplying the Best Insights'

-A A +A®: 'Supplying the Best Insights'

In February, the National Association of REALTORS® encouraged partner Move, Inc. to go on the hunt for an economist for their website,®. Though NAR Cheif Economist Lawrence Yun has long been an authoritative figure on housing data for the organization, NAR said at the time that “two heads are better than one.”

Last month,® hired Jonathan Smoke, its first economist in its 18-year history. Smoke comes to® after serving six years as chief economist, senior vice president, and other executive roles at real estate marketing firm Hanley Wood, and has been focusing on the housing industry for 20 years. He sees his mission to provide true knowledge about the industry for both real estate professionals and consumers.

"My mission is to create insights that help us see what is happening and what’s driving the market at macro and local levels," Smoke told REALTOR® magazine in an interview last week. "It is critical to be authentic and capable of conveying meaning to consumers and the professionals who serve them. I believe it’s my job and my mission to promote understanding about what is going on and why."

News of Zillow's plans to buy competitor Trulia has only strengthened Smoke's resolve to serve at Move, Inc.

"Part of the reason that I considered this 'move to Move' is that I believe that® is the industry. I see our role as helping all stakeholders improve the overall experience of buying and selling a home that inherently leverages REALTORS® to deliver the value only they can provide," Smoke said. "We need to ensure we’re helping consumers and the REALTORS® serving them make the best decisions by supplying the best insights possible."

Source: "®’s First Economist: I'm Anything But Typical," Speaking of Real Estate (July 28, 2014)