May 27, 2018

Should You Team Up With Other Agents?

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Should You Team Up With Other Agents?

Real estate professionals who are struggling to get everything done despite working 80 hours a week should consider incorporating a team-based approach into their business. A few extra hands will help boost productivity, profitability, and job satisfaction.

Team Up

By forming a team, practitioners will have more free time on their hands, which will ultimately result in a better attitude toward life. However, the company must have enough business to keep everyone busy and paid. 

Agents should consider looking for help if:

  • They have more clients and leads than they can handle.
  • Are missing more opportunities due to time and resource constraints.
  • Have trouble making deadlines.
  • Have more mistakes and miscommunication in their work.
  • Never have enough time to complete tasks.
  • Hear family members complain about a lack of quality time at home.
  • Skip vacations to catch up on work.
  • Feel alone and frustrated.
  • Lack key skills that can improve their business.

Source: "Is an Agent Team Right for You? 9 Signs That Point to 'Yes!'" RISMedia (July 11, 2014)

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