May 24, 2018

New Effort to Reduce Impact of Windstorms

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New Effort to Reduce Impact of Windstorms

On Monday, the U.S. House passed the National Windstorm Impact Reduction Act (H.R. 1786) to reauthorize funding for three years to study windstorms and how to reduce their impact.

Be Prepared for the Worst

"When a family loses their home in a windstorm, they don't just have to rebuild their house — they have to rebuild their lives," said Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas). "These are truly natural and national disasters. This bill helps promote research that will help save lives, reduce injuries, and lessen damage from windstorms." 

The legislation aims to create efficiencies and new guidelines, providing more than $21 million in annual funding for federal research and mitigation efforts through 2016. "We have found that $1 in investments in resilience against windstorms can result in up to $4 in savings in disaster response," Neugebauer said.

Source: "House Passes Bill to Fund Windstorm Impact Reduction Research," Lubbock Online (July 16, 2014)

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