April 26, 2018

5 Ways to Make Your Open House Better

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5 Ways to Make Your Open House Better

Samantha DeBianchi, founder of DeBianchi Real Estate and star of "Million Dollar Listing Miami," lists several ways that real estate professionals can host a successful open house without spending too much money. 

  • Play music via iTunes or Pandora through televisions if you don't have the money to hire a DJ.
  • Use the televisions to run a slideshow featuring property photos and contact information, which costs only about $10 to $20.
  • Food served should be presented well to avoid clouding buyers' views of the property.
  • Focus on service.
  • If you do not have team members on hand to provide information about the property, then that information must be readily available through some other means.

Source: "Add Some Class to a Real Estate Open House at Not Much Cost," AOL Real Estate (July 1, 2014)

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