May 22, 2018

Move Inc. Unmoved by Ransom Demand

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Move Inc. Unmoved by Ransom Demand

Move Inc., the operator of realtor.com, continues to battle outages to its website services after a major distributed denial of service attack first struck its site midday Tuesday. The cyber attack has made Move’s website operations intermittently available this week, affecting sites like realtor.com®, TopProducer services, and more of Move’s Internet services.

Move officials said in a release that they received a ransom demand in connection with the attack. Officials said they did not respond to the ransom and declined to comment further on what the ransom stated.

DDoS attacks are a growing problem for businesses and often come with ransom demands as well. DDoS attacks coordinate multiple computers to flood a website or Web application with requests and commands, overloading a site’s capacity and shutting it down.

Move is consulting with federal law enforcement officials and technology companies that have faced DDoS attacks previously to review the best practices for responding.

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Move Inc. says that it has defended itself from DDoS attacks previously, but the scale of this week’s attack was substantial enough to impact the company’s network service providers. Move officials say they currently have no evidence that any data or content on its website services have been compromised in the attack.

“Our focus is to restore operations as quickly and securely as possible to provide consumers access to the most accurate residential listings available, and to support our real estate industry customers,” says John Robison, Move’s chief technology officer. “We appreciate our customers’ understanding as we combat this attack on our services.”

Move says it is working around the clock to mitigate its Internet services to a different network architecture to increase its protection. Since Move operates numerous large websites, the mitigation is “complex” and “will take several days to complete,” Move officials say.  

Source: Move Inc.