May 25, 2018

Cyber Attack Brings Down Move Inc. Sites

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Cyber Attack Brings Down Move Inc. Sites

Move Inc., the operator of®, says a major distributed denial of service attack caused a 24-hour outage on its websites beginning midday Tuesday. DDoS attacks, which are a growing problem for businesses, coordinate multiple computers to flood a website or Web application with requests and commands, overloading a site's capacity and shutting it down.

Fend Off Those Hackers

"The attack directs massive amounts of traffic to our websites and makes®, Top Producer Systems, and Move's other Internet services inaccessible," the company said in a statement. Move added that there has been no evidence that the attack resulted in a compromise of any data or content from its websites.

The company is working with federal law enforcement officials to investigate who was responsible for the attack.

In an unrelated incident, Facebook announced Friday that it experienced a worldwide outage that prevented users from accessing their social media accounts on their website or smartphone apps from about 9 a.m. to 9:24 a.m. GMT. Facebook has not released details about the reason behind the outage.

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