May 24, 2018

Walkable Cities Rake In the Dough, Study Says

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Walkable Cities Rake In the Dough, Study Says

A new study initiated by Smart Growth America says that creating dense, walkable development gives cities a fatter wallet.

In Washington, D.C., cited as the most walkable U.S. city, the most walkable parts take up less than one percent of the area but contain almost half of the city's top wealth-generating square footage.

Smart Growth America says that while urban areas can contain drivable communities and outer areas can encourage walking, a community with good walkability will still feature "high density, a mix of real estate uses, multiple transportation options, and the ability to serve the daily needs of residents largely on foot," according to writer Alissa Walker.

The study identifies the country's top walkable communities as:
1. Washington, D.C.
2. New York
3. Boston
4. San Francisco
5. Chicago
6. Seattle

Cities poised to join the list include Atlanta, Detroit, and Miami, according to the study.

Source: "The More Walkable a City Is, the More Money It Makes," (June 17, 2014)

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