May 28, 2018

New Feature: Facebook Pings Your Nearby Friends

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New Feature: Facebook Pings Your Nearby Friends

Facebook announced Thursday that over the next few weeks it will be rolling out a new feature called “Nearby Friends,” where you’ll be notified when friends in your network are nearby you.

Location-based people discovery apps on smartphones are gaining popularity, such as seen recently with people discovery apps like Tinder, Highlight, and Social Radar.

In following suit, Facebook plans to debut it’s own version. “If you turn on Nearby Friends, you’ll occasionally be notified when friends are nearby, so you can get in touch with them and meet up,” wrote Andrea Vaccari, Facebook’s product manager, on a blog post. Vaccari is the former chief executive of Glancee, a location-based people discovery app that sought to bridge the “physical and digital” worlds of smartphone users. Facebook bought Glancee in 2012.

The app is to be available on both iOS and Android phones.

Source: “Facebook to Ping Users of Nearby Friends,” (April 17, 2014)

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