May 22, 2018

Facebook Requires Separate App for Messages

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Facebook Requires Separate App for Messages

Facebook is requiring its users to download a separate Messenger app in order to continue sending and receiving messages on the social-networking site from a smartphone.

Facebook will soon phase out its instant messaging feature from its main smartphone app. The Messenger app is available in Apple and Android app stores.

Facebook’s main app and Messenger app are to work together, so if you click on the messaging icon from Facebook app, the Messenger app will automatically load.

Facebook says the two-app requirement will help improve the mobile Facebook experience. The Messenger app will be faster and more streamlined than the software that currently handles messages on the main Facebook app. The Facebook app will then focus on delivering your news feed and status updates.

“We deliver the messages to you a lot more quickly than before,” Peter Martinazzi, the product manager for Facebook Messenger, told The New York Times about the new two-app requirement. “As your friends get on Messenger, they actually respond 20 percent faster than they did before.”

The new Messenger app also includes features that allow users to access all of the numbers in their smartphone’s phone list and send messages to anyone on that list who has a Facebook account. Users also will be able to set up groups of contacts around a certain topic.

A yet-to-be-released version of the app will also have the ability to send photo and voice messages.

Source: “Facebook Requires Users to Install Separate Messaging App,” The New York Times (April 15, 2014)

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