May 27, 2018

10 States with Highest Foreclosure Rates

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10 States with Highest Foreclosure Rates

Despite a 19 percent drop from year-ago levels, Florida still occupies the top spot as the state with the nation’s highest foreclosure rate, RealtyTrac reports in its U.S. Foreclosure Market Report for March.

Foreclosure activity has fallen to its lowest level since 2007 nationwide, but RealtyTrac reports that the following states are still seeing the highest rates of foreclosures in the country.

  1. Florida: 1 in every 129 housing units received a foreclosure filing in the first quarter of 2014
  2. Maryland: 1 in every 189 housing units
  3. Nevada: 1 in every 224 housing units
  4. Illinois: 1 in every 230 housing units
  5. New Jersey: 1 in every 273 housing units
  6. Connecticut: 1 in every 277 housing units
  7. Ohio: 1 in every 278 housing units
  8. Delaware: 1 in every 293 housing units
  9. South Carolina: 1 in every 294 housing units
  10. Indiana: 1 in every 207 housing units

Among the nation’s 20 largest metro areas, the highest foreclosure rates were in Miami; Tampa, Fla.; Chicago; Riverside, Calif.; and Baltimore, RealtyTrac reports.

Source: RealtyTrac

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