May 22, 2018

Man With Foot Fetish Targets Ariz. Agents

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Man With Foot Fetish Targets Ariz. Agents

About a dozen real estate professionals in the Phoenix area say a man has recently contacted them with more questions about their feet than the homes for sale.

Hope Salas, a sales associate with DPR Realty, says a man who claimed to be a prospective buyer sent a series of text messages to her that mostly centered on asking Salas about her feet. “He asked me questions like, do I wear heels often,” Salas says. “He said that most of his clients were female and that they wore high heels. He wanted to know if that was my situation.”

About two dozen real estate professionals on a Facebook real estate forum say they’ve been contacted by the “foot guy,” who calls himself “Anthony,” CBS 5 in Springfield, Ariz., reports. Police say they’ve received complaints from several real estate professionals about the suspicious calls, too, but the man hasn’t broken any laws.

Lacey Washburn with Realty One Group says the man seemed like a typical buyer at first when he contacted her, but then he kept asking her about her feet. “He told me he was in the massage therapy industry,” says Washburn. “He asked me if I ever had reflexology done, which I didn’t answer. He then asked me if I liked having foot massages or foot rubs, which I didn’t answer that question either.”

None of the real estate professionals have met with the man in person.

“You very much have to trust your instincts and intuition,” Washburn tells CBS 5. “If something doesn’t seem right, ask questions. If responses don’t make sense, it’s probably best to let this one go. No sale is worth it.”

Source: “Foot Fetish Predator Targets AZ Real Estate Agents,” CBS 5-Springfield (April 8, 2014)

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