April 23, 2018

RealtyTrac Wipes Hyperlocal Neighborhood Info From Listings

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RealtyTrac Wipes Hyperlocal Neighborhood Info From Listings

RealtyTrac has removed property details such as nearby sex offenders and histories of drug labs from its for-sale listings. The move comes only weeks after RealtyTrac first announced the addition of such information in order to give home buyers greater insight into a property’s past — everything from the location and details of nearby environmental hazards to whether the home was ever a former drug lab. The neighborhood data also included school performance, crime rates, occupancy rates, unemployment rates, and risks for natural hazards such as earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods.

Daren Blomquist, RealtyTrac vice president, told Inman News that the company felt removing the hyperlocal neighborhood information from the MLS data was “the most responsible way to handle the data” and “respectful of all stakeholders involved” in the real estate industry.

The company also noted that it removed the information because some MLSs restrict or prohibit entities that use its IDX feeds from displaying non-MLS data next to the listing data.

Consumers can still access the hyperlocal neighborhood data on the for-sale listings but must click on an icon on the listing pages. They will then be directed to a new page that does not include any MLS listing data but does contain a property report of neighborhood information. RealtyTrac will continue to display the neighborhood data on its foreclosure listing pages, Inman News reports.

Source: “RealtyTrac Purges Property Listings of Sex Offender, Drug Lab Data,” Inman News (April 2, 2014)

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