May 27, 2018

Condo Developers Pick Up the Scent

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Condo Developers Pick Up the Scent

While real estate professionals have long used the inviting aroma of fresh baked goods to make a home seem welcoming, some condominium developers are going above and beyond to win house-hunters over through their sense of smell.

"Branding" scents to match the personality of a project is catching on across the industry, as luxury developers work with fragrance manufacturers to create customized scents.

Dawn Goldworm of 12.29, a company that specializes in this service, says the goal is to design a signature that complements the overall feel of a building without overpowering it. "I equate it to if you're creating a logo for the space," she explains.

Sometimes, developers even choose multiple scents for different areas.  For example, One Thousand Museum -- a residential tower going up soon in Miami -- will boast four different ones: a citrus, slightly woodsy smell for its fitness center; creamy coconut with orange flower undertones for the rooftop pool; tea and spice notes for the spa; and a scent in the reception area that evokes the beach, even though the property is not by the shoreline. "The sense of smell is something that's most memorable to people," says Louis Birdman, one of the project's developers.

Source: "A Whiff of 'Welcome Home'," Wall Street Journal (3/20/2014)

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