May 24, 2018

Illinois Agents Weigh 'No Guns' Signs at Showings

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Illinois Agents Weigh 'No Guns' Signs at Showings

Illinois’ new concealed carry law is prompting real estate professionals in the state to have conversations with home sellers about their thoughts on buyers bringing guns into their homes. The state’s law, which took effect in January, allows Illinois residents to apply for permits to carry concealed guns in public, with a few exceptions, such as hospitals.

The new law has prompted the Illinois Association of REALTORS® to offer up a consent form for realty firms and real estate professionals to use, if they choose to. The form allows home owners to specify whether they would allow a potential buyer with a concealed firearm permit to enter their home.

For sellers who say “no,” the salesperson can display a state-authorized sign that says “no guns” near the front door of the property. The sign features a drawing of a black gun with a red circle and line through it, which is becoming more common outside of businesses in the state since the law took effect. The “no guns” sign would be displayed outside of the home during all showings and open houses.

“We’ll put up signage, but we’re not going to put the brokers in the position of frisking down people as they walk through an open house,” John Kauerauf, an attorney for the 41,000-member IAR, told The Chicago Tribune.

Midwest Real Estate Data LLC, the multiple listing provider for the Chicago area, is also reportedly considering adding a notation to real estate listings about whether a home seller would allow a potential buyer to carry a firearm into their home.

Source: “Real Estate Agents Grapple with Illinois’ New Gun Law,” The Chicago Tribune (March 3, 2014)

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