April 24, 2018

Should Google+ Be Part of Your Marketing?

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Should Google+ Be Part of Your Marketing?

Stone Temple Consulting's senior director of online marketing, Mark Traphagen, calls Google+ "the most misunderstood social network ever introduced" and insists that real estate professionals need to pay it more attention. 

According to him, it is different from all other social networks — particularly when it comes to search engine optimization — as sites are indexed almost as soon as they post on Google+. Some posts maintain high SEO for months. 

Traphagen emphasizes that Google+'s Search Plus Your World (S+YW) feature is most valuable, as individuals logged into their Google accounts when they perform a search will turn up different results than users who are not logged in. 

"The larger your Google/Google+ network is, the more people whose search results you are influencing. And that’s how Google+ can help get you in front of more people who never would have found you otherwise," he explains. "Combined with localization, the S+YW effect becomes even more powerful. That’s because, in most cases, Google can see the general location of a searcher, or the location she is searching for." 

Traphagen also recommends taking advantage of Google Authorship, as confirming your authorship of content boosts search results with a clickable byline in the user's profile and a "more by" link to a search results page with only their content.

Source: "Here’s Why Realtors Need a Google+ Presence," RealtyBizNews (Feb. 21, 2014)

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