May 21, 2018

Seattle vs. Denver: In Real Estate, Who’s the Champ?

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Seattle vs. Denver: In Real Estate, Who’s the Champ?

As Seattle and Denver prepare to face off on Sunday in Super Bowl XLVIII, where do these cities score points when it comes to real estate?

ZipRealty Inc. recently compared the housing stats in Denver and Seattle to see which metro is better at “gaining yardage”; has the most “veteran” players; moves the fastest; offers the most expensive “players”; and features the best “coaching” staff, or real estate agents in this case. In other words, ZipRealty analyzed average lot size, new construction versus existing home sales, median days on the market, median sales price, and agent ratings and reviews on

Here's how the two cities stacked up against one another:

1.)  Which metro gains the most yards?
Denver’s average lot size: 74,636 square feet
Seattle’s average lot size: 60,754

2.)  Where are the most veteran players located?
Denver’s percentage of new homes: 5.4%
Seattle’s percentage of new homes: 5.3%

3.)  Whose players move the fastest?
Denver’s median days on the market: 18
Seattle’s median days on the market: 32

4.)  Which metro has the most expensive players?
Denver’s median home sales price: $259,000
Seattle’s median home sales price: $285,849

5.)  Whose coaching staff is the best?
(Based on ZipRealty’s agent ratings and reviews from customers)
Denver’s average agent ratings: 4.91 out of 5
Seattle: 4.84 out of 5

Compare some of the players’ real estate choices at®. For example, it’s a duel for the most luxurious wine cellar: Denver’s quarterback Peyton Manning’s 16,600-square-foot mansion home versus Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch’s 7,000-square-foot, $3.6 million waterfront estate.

Source: ZipRealty

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