May 27, 2018

What to Know About WordPress Themes

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What to Know About WordPress Themes

Both new and veteran real estate bloggers may find it difficult to choose a WordPress theme, given all the options.

First, they should consider whether they will use it as both a blog and a website, and if so, they should select one that offers menu navigation options, such as Home Page, About, Services, and Blog.

They also should choose a theme that is mobile-responsive and consider which features — such as buttons, call-to-action items, headers, and images — are built in and which must be purchased separately.

Additionally, the preferred theme should allow for videos, photos, blogs, and other types of content that are used most often; have enough columns so that it does not look overcrowded when all of the agent's widgets are added; and come with built-in social networking icons.

Other considerations include whether the theme is search-engine friendly, whether the agent's IDX provider offers WordPress-friendly integration and/or plug-ins, and whether the theme's designers and developers offer technical support. Those who are not comfortable with formatting and other back-end tasks should avoid themes that need a lot of customizing or be prepared to hire someone to manage it for them.

Source: "WordPress Themes for Real Estate Agents on a Budget: 11 Tips to Get Started," Inman News (Jan. 24, 2014)

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