April 23, 2018

5 Tech Upgrades for Your Marketing

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5 Tech Upgrades for Your Marketing

With more consumers seeking out listing photos or virtual tours, there are several technologies that could help real estate agents jazz up their marketing now — and in the future. 

  • Matterport's $4,500 camera allows agents to take photos of a room and transform them into a 3-D rendering that lets users walk through or fly above the floor plan. 
  • InFORM's Dynamic Shape Display will allow people to literally touch objects and market statistics.
  • 3-D printers will make it easier for architects, interior designers, and others to better view spaces before they are built at full scale. 
  • MagicPlan automatically calculates the size of each wall with 95 percent accuracy using an agent's phone camera, with exact measurements calculated when paired with a Bluetooth laser meter.  The 2-D model can then be uploaded to FloorPlanner to create a 3-D model at a cost of just $3 per floor plan. 
  • Google could one day apply the 3-D rendering of a home's interior on a map, letting users virtually sit in the living room.

Source: "5 Technologies That Push the Boundaries of Real Estate Marketing," Inman News (Dec. 9, 2013)

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