April 23, 2018

Agent Uses GPS to Track Lost Signs

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Agent Uses GPS to Track Lost Signs

Greg Portlock, a RE/MAX Momentum real estate professional in Brighton, Colo., wanted to discover what was causing his signs to go missing around town. 

He’d post the signs every Friday but then every Sunday find at least a few missing. Over the last few months, he says he’s lost nearly 100 signs. 

To find out why the signs were vanishing, he set up a camera and observed a car driving up to his RE/MAX signs and removing them. He took his mission a step further to find out “who” was behind the missing signs by attaching a GPS tracking device to one of his signs. 

He alleges that the GPS tracker on one of his missing signs led him to a competitor’s garage. 

A suspect’s name has yet to be publicly released, but 9News reports that charges are pending. The man suspected, however, told 9News that many of the signs were not properly placed and he asserts that he had done nothing illegal. 

Source: “Realtor uses GPS to track disappearing signs,” (Dec. 4, 2013)

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