May 24, 2018

Century 21's Thanksgiving Anthem Generates Some Buzz

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Century 21's Thanksgiving Anthem Generates Some Buzz

Century 21‘s animated music video ad, “Tryptophan Slow Jam,” in honor of Thanksgiving is getting a lot of people talking, and AdWeek is calling it “easily the strangest” ad the franchise has ever done.  

Century 21 described its latest online ad on its blog as a “rousing anthem about a family taking a psychedelic tryptophan-inspired journey into Napland after a massive turkey dinner.” The video, which includes a singing turkey and bright animation, doesn’t mention home ownership or show the Century 21 logo until the very end. It contains a callout to #Tryptophan, a natural sedative found in turkey, and a word that likely will be trending on Twitter on Thursday. 

The song featured in the ad is being sold on iTunes for 99 cents, with 100 percent of the proceeds that the franchise raises from it going to the  Easter Seals charity.

Century 21 CMO Bev Thorne told HousingWire that the ad’s intent was “to be the catalyst for conversation” and she hopes it will become known as “a great Thanksgiving rock anthem, as families are mellowing out after indulging in their holiday feasts.” 

“For our brand, reaching home buyers and sellers at the point of consideration is critical, and real-time marketing enables us to do just that,” Thorne told HousingWire. “Consumers are 22 percent more likely to consider a brand as a result of real-time marketing. So when we plan our marketing activations, we are thinking about real-time tactics to wow consumers, particularly focusing on how we can tie the brand into breaking news and current conversations."

The video has already been viewed more than 78,000 times on YouTube. 

Watch the Century 21 "Tryptophan Slow Jam" ad below:  

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