April 23, 2018

Want More Twitter Followers? Here's the Science on How

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Want More Twitter Followers? Here's the Science on How

If you want more followers on Twitter, you might embrace a scientific approach to expand your social network. Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Interactive Computing evaluated 500 active Twitter users over 15 months to examine exactly how to gain followers. 

Here are some of their findings in increasing your Twitter follower allegiances: 

Limit talk about only yourself: Researchers found one of the most effective approaches to your tweets is to make them “informative” — that is, share news stories or a statistic versus talking about what you had for dinner. “We think that’s because of the weak social ties on Twitter,” CJ Hutto, a Georgia Tech researcher, told Forbes. “People are less interested in those mundane things. The strength of weak ties, is they give you access to novel information.”

Embrace the positive: Users don’t show a high threshold for negative tweets, researchers found. “On Facebook, you have the opportunity to access emotional support if you’re having a bad day,” Hutto says. “But on Twitter, people are really turned off by people who whine.”

Limit the hashtags: Researchers found that using hashtags actually could negatively impact your follower growth. “One hashtag turns out to be helpful, joining a Twitterer into larger conversations,” Forbes notes. “More than one, however, totally turns people off.” 

Source: “The Science Behind Getting More Twitter Followers,” Forbes (Oct. 16, 2013)

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