May 27, 2018

Google Ad Plan: Use Comments in Your Marketing

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Google Ad Plan: Use Comments in Your Marketing

Following on the heels of Facebook, Google announced a new feature that will allow companies to showcase the names, photos, and comments of users who submit reviews on the Web. 

Companies will be able to use the information from commenters on services such as Google Plus and YouTube in ads that can be displayed across the Web. For example, if a user who follows your real estate firm on Google Plus gave you a positive review, you could use the person’s name, photo, and written endorsement in ads to promote your company.

The new ad policy, known as “shared endorsements,” takes effect Nov. 11. 

Social media companies have been trying to find ways to monetize the power of “word of mouth” advertising by selling users’ endorsements to advertisers, Forbes reports. The idea is that people are more likely to click on an ad that features their friends and to use services that their friends like. 

However, “the trick to any advertising like this is to avoid coming across as creepy to your user base and have them say, ‘I didn’t want anyone else to know that,’” Zachary Reiss-Davis, a Forrester analyst, told The New York Times.

Google is allowing users to opt-out of its “shared endorsements” program.

Source: “Google May Feature You In An Ad With 'Shared Endorsements' (Unless You Opt-Out),” Forbes (Oct. 11, 2013) and “Google to Sell Users’ Endorsements,” The New York Times (Oct. 11, 2013)

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