April 20, 2018

Neighbors Irked by Home's Breast Cancer Display

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Neighbors Irked by Home's Breast Cancer Display

A home owner in Denville, N.J., painted the exterior of his vacant, boarded-up Cape Cod-style home a bright purple and accented it with large, plastic pink ribbons. John Pinto says he did it in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and lupus research.  His neighbors say he did it just to annoy them.

The neighbors say that Pinto has let the property become an eyesore for years and has received multiple notices from the township to clean it up. “This is ridiculous,” neighbor Ray Baxter told the Daily Record newspaper. “He could drive the property values down the whole block. What if he buys three houses on the block and paints them purple?”

Pinto, who inherited the property 14 years ago, says he used to rent out the property but stopped a few years ago when the home became structurally unsafe. Pinto says he intends to sell the property and that the home is currently under contract. If the sale does not go through, he says he plans to tear down the house. 

“None of this is permanent,” Pinto told the Daily Record about his home's paint job. Neither the purple paint nor the ribbons affixed to the house violate any codes, Denville city officials say. 

Source: “Purple home makes Denville neighbors see red,” Daily Record (New Jersey) (Oct. 8, 2013)

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