May 25, 2018

For Your Business, the New Year Starts Nov. 1

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For Your Business, the New Year Starts Nov. 1

Rather than wait until the end of the year to create a business plan, real estate agents should turn their attention toward a more productive 2014 starting Nov. 1. 

Agents who pull back as the holidays approach generally experience a drop in closings in January and February. And although there are fewer clients during the holidays, real estate professionals would be wise to work through those months because only the most highly motivated buyers and sellers are in the market. It also makes sense for people to buy now because the new qualified residential mortgage requirements could soon make it more difficult for buyers to secure financing with lower down payments.

To start the new year now, agents should consider their strengths and expand on the strategies that are currently working for them. They should focus their prospecting efforts on the locations and price ranges that accounted for most of their business this year and determine which activities generate the most leads. That way, they can allocate their marketing money accordingly. 

Finally, they should determine the age and family status of their clients, whether they share certain careers, and where they are from — all of which will help them better target their marketing efforts.

Source: "Start the new year off Nov. 1 and boost January, February closings," Inman News (Oct. 14, 2013)

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