May 27, 2018

With New iPhone Bug, Siri's a Problem

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With New iPhone Bug, Siri's a Problem

Technology experts are warning iPhone users of a new security bug in the iOS 7, urging them to turn Siri off on their phones' lockscreens.

For years, security experts have warned that Siri, Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant, can leak secrets from a locked iPhone. The latest bug could allow anyone to bypass the security code or fingerprint reader to access the phone’s calling application, contacts, and voicemail, says Dany Lisiansky, an Israeli security researcher. The bug uses Siri to make a phone call and “triggers a glitch in the phone’s FaceTime function,” Forbes reports.

“By default ... Siri has long allowed anyone to pick up a locked phone and use voice commands to post to Twitter or Facebook, send e-mails and text messages, access the user’s calendar, make calls, and even ask about specific contacts’ personal information like addresses and phone numbers — including that of the phone’s owner,” according to Forbes.  

Some argue that makes Siri convenient to a phone user, but security experts warn that it puts the personal information on your phone in jeopardy if your phone falls into the wrong hands. Even if the phone is locked by a passcode, anyone can still walk up to your phone and give Siri a command to get access to your information, experts warn. 

For directions on how to disable Siri on your phone’s lockscreen or how to protect your iPhone from the latest bug, visit Forbes

Source: “Another New iPhone Security Flaw Offers A Reminder: Turn Off Siri On Your Lockscreen,” Forbes (Sept. 30, 2013)

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