May 22, 2018

Survey: Online Marketing Brings Foot Traffic

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Survey: Online Marketing Brings Foot Traffic

New poll results from ARME Realty.com indicate that 87 percent of property professionals surveyed credit their Web-based marketing campaigns with generating more foot traffic.  That compares to just 32 percent who reported the same trend a year earlier. 

"Online real estate Internet marketing traffic trends are clear," observes ARME Realty.com's Simon Landers.  "More people are visiting a real estate broker's office this year than last year as a direct result of a broker's Internet marketing directives.  Platforms like Google Places and more allow real estate professionals to monopolize their local search space for their desired property types and areas, and the result is more new homes are being built and sold."

The trend is not limited to the average house hunter, either. Those selling luxury real estate priced at more than $1 million also reported seeing a rapid increase in walk-ins from last year to this year.

Source: "Internet Marketing Results for Real Estate Increasing," Everything PR (Sept. 1, 2013)

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