May 26, 2018

Housing Problems Among Top Consumer Gripes

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Housing Problems Among Top Consumer Gripes

Six of the top 10 consumer complaints revolve around the housing sector, from home improvement issues to mortgage and landlord/tenant issues, according to the recently released 2012 Consumer Complaint Survey conducted by the Consumer Federation of America  and the North American Consumer Protection Investigator.

The annual survey collects data from state and local consumer protection agencies to find out the top consumer complaints. 

Topping the complaint list was automobile industry complaints due to misrepresentations in advertising or issues centered around the sale of new and used cars. 

But No. 2 on the list of customer gripes was home improvement and construction due to “shoddy work, failure to start, or complete the job.” Credit and debt issues also appeared high on the list, including complaints over mortgage modifications, mortgage-related fraud, and predatory lending. 

Customers also were unhappy with several utility providers, due to service problems or billing disputes. 

The survey showed that the fastest-growing complaints among consumers is due to landlord/tenant problems and unlicensed contractors. The landlord/tenant problems mostly centered on “unhealthy or unsafe conditions, failure to make repairs or provide promised amenities, deposit and rent disputes, and illegal eviction tactics.” 

The agency also asked about the worst customer complaints, based on the number of complaints and dollar amount impact. Topping that list of “worst customer complaints” was foreclosure issues followed by problems with home repairs after disasters. 

Source: “Housing, Home Issues Dominate Consumer Complaint Lists,” Realty Times (Aug. 7, 2013)

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