May 24, 2018

Google-Built Smartphone to Debut

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Google-Built Smartphone to Debut

Google is launching its own smartphone, the Moto X, after seeing lackluster profits in selling devices by other companies that feature Google hardware.

Last year, Google purchased Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, and Moto X will be the company's first major device since the acquisition. 

“Google knows it has to move into making devices—its strategy of seeding Android into hardware for free has led to great mobile market share but not great mobile profits,” Bloomberg reports. 

Google’s Moto X will have all the standard feature of competitors but it will also have Touchless Control, a hands-free, voice-activated system that allows users to control the device by talking into it and not having to press any buttons. You can ask the phone questions and it will respond in a synthetic voice.  The phone also features a sensor that when you twist the phone twice the camera comes on. 

The phone can also be customized. Motorola will launch "Motomaker" to allow users to pick colors and materials for their phone. You’ll be able to select everything from the back color, the front color (black or white), and the accent color on camera lens surrounds and side-mounted buttons, Bloomberg reports. Motorola also announced it is working on a prototype of a wood-based back cover. 

The phone will be available at the end of August. The base price will cost $199 for the 16GB model and $249 for a 32GB model. 

Source: “Motorola’s Moto X: First Impressions,” Bloomberg (Aug. 1, 2013) and “Daily Report: A Google-Built Smartphone Enters a Crowded Field,” The New York Times (Aug. 2, 2013) 

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