May 25, 2018

A REALTOR® Boom? More Agents Enter the Business

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A REALTOR® Boom? More Agents Enter the Business

As the housing market recovers, more Americans are getting into the real estate business and some housing markets are even seeing a boom in new REALTORS®. 

For example, the Miami Association of REALTORS® says it’s had a 27 percent jump in new members in the last year (rising from 3,000 agents last year to 3,800 agents in June). Similarly, the Chicago Association of REALTORS® is reporting its largest growth in membership in the last five years — 600 new members. 

Nationally, as of June, 1.44 million worked in the real estate profession, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s compared to 1.42 million people who worked in real estate one year prior, June 2012. (Note: Not all of those workers are licensed REALTORS®.)

Source: “This trend could signal a new housing bubble,” MSN Money (July 18, 2013)

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