May 26, 2018® Adds New Features to App

-A A +A® Adds New Features to App

A new update to®'s real estate app for iOS and Android aims to create an even more seamless mobile real estate search experience for customers. Version 5.0 of the app includes larger, higher resolution listing photos, and for the first time, users can share listings on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels.

"The house hunting process can be cumbersome on its own," said Errol Samuelson president of®. "With every new offering from®, we make that process easier with new tools and capabilities. We are continuing to improve and enhance our customers' experiences, and this update is another step to put consumers first and help people love where they live."

The® app has proven popular, increasing users by more than 60 percent in the first quarter of 2013 alone. The app launched in 2009 and allows real estate agents to connect and search for homes with clients. Improved connectability was a major focus of the development of the app's latest version, said Scott Boecker, chief product officer at Move, Inc., which operates®.

"Our world is constantly becoming more connected, so being able to add a social element to our app for users to share their real estate journey with friends and family was an absolute must in our development," Boecker said. "The® app allows users to share the experience of buying and selling a home and get feedback they desire while easily navigating the market."®'s database includes 98 percent of all for-sale homes listed in the U.S., and about 90 percent of those listings are updated every 15 minutes.