June 18, 2018

Improve Your Property Videos: 3 Tips

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Improve Your Property Videos: 3 Tips

Real estate agents who want to get more out of their marketing videos should focus on the property, not themselves or the sellers. 

Here are three tips for successful selling videos:

1. Personalize the video with a short introduction; but the rest of the footage should feature only the house, with a voiceover track used to add comments. 

2. Keep the focus and sound professional throughout. Property practitioners should read from a script rather than improvise. 

3. Use a variety of camera angles to keep videos fresh, using low and high angle shots and zooming in on particular features. 

Once you have published a sizable library of listing videos, go back and re-watching the most popular videos and take notes on which strategies are most effective.

Source: "3 Tips for Selling Houses With Online Video" (07/09/13)

(c) Copyright 2013 Information, Inc. 

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