May 23, 2018

New Facebook Tool Digs Deeper Into Network’s Interests

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New Facebook Tool Digs Deeper Into Network’s Interests

Facebook is rolling out a new search feature starting this week that aims to make it easier to find people, places, and photos on its site of 1.1 billion users. 

The new social search tool is called “Graph Search,” created to help you find more information about your “social circles,” the Associated Press explains. “Graph Search lets you find friends who live in San Francisco who are vegan. Friends of friends who live near you and like hiking. Photos of your boyfriend taken before you met him in 2010. Nearby restaurants that your friends like — and so on.” 

The search tool will allow you to more easily find others with common interests using various filters and to search via likes and dislikes of others, work and education history, and more. 

Previously, Facebook only allowed users to search for brands or friends by name. The new tool allows for more specific searches into users’ interests.

Facebook says the new search tool will make it easier to uncover months-old photos or restaurant recommendations that you remember seeing on your friend’s feed, or to find common interests with friends of friends in your network. 

Facebook intends to notify users that they may opt to keep their information more private and secure by checking a box under the privacy settings that says, “Who can see my stuff.” 

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