June 17, 2018

Micro-Apartments Becoming the New Rage

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Micro-Apartments Becoming the New Rage

Micro-apartments that range between 180 and 300 square feet are growing in popularity among young professionals, singles, and even some retirees and empty-nesters, CNNMoney reports. 

The micro-apartment is becoming an affordable option in the nation’s most expensive cities. For example, in Seattle, more than 40 micro-apartment developments have sprung up in the last three years. In Seattle, 250-square-foot apartments are renting for an average of under $800 a month. That’s nearly half the average $1,400 rent in the city for studios of 400 square feet or more. 

CNNMoney reports that other micro-apartment hotspots can be found in San Francisco, Boston, Providence, R.I., New York, and Portland, Ore. 

While the micro-apartments are tiny in space, developers are creating efficient designs to maximize every square inch. For example, dining room tables may turn into beds and extra vertical spaces display shelves for storage, banquett lids may open for storage space, and murphy beds are popular. 

Source: “Micro-apartments: The anti-McMansions,” CNNMoney (June 21, 2013)

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