May 26, 2018

Prop Furniture for Property Listings

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Prop Furniture for Property Listings

Faux furnishings, including prop furniture and fake electronics, are regaining popularity as the housing market picks up steam.

Home stager Douglas Pinter of inFormed Space can stage a two-bedroom apartment using the contents of four nylon bags, with lightweight, polypropylene furniture that can be folded flat and assembled in a couple of hours. Staging with inFormed Space's faux furnishings costs about one-third of a traditional staging project.

Other companies offer furniture made from corrugated cardboard and draped in slipcovers; and stagers can even purchase fake TVs, laptops, and videogame consoles.  "You want a home buyer to walk into the spaces and really feel like they could be sitting at [the] table," says Kelly Young of Plantation, Fla.-based Kelly Young Design Associates.  Not only are faux furnishings less expensive, but they also help deter thefts at open houses.

Source: "Faux Furniture: From Open Box to Open House," Wall Street Journal (05/31/13)

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