May 24, 2018

Agency Targets Kids as Future Home Buyers

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Agency Targets Kids as Future Home Buyers

One of the largest real estate agencies in Australia, LJ Hooker, is already looking to hook the next generation of future home buyers, even kids as young as four years old. 

The agency has launched a free educational app, Mr. Hooker Bear’s Letter Pop, and a special Web site (, geared to kids 4 to 9 years old. The app and Web site feature Mr. Hooker Bear -- a mascot for the agency. 

L.J. Hooker CEO Georg Chmiel says it’s a way to raise brand awareness from a young age and build a “positive relationship with the next generation.” Marketing experts say that brand loyalties can be established by as early as age two.

The app “takes kids on a journey across three key environments -- city, beach, and country -- and helps them with word play, spelling, hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills, and time management,” according to the company. “A player needs to find letters, create words and flip around animated obstacles on screen to progress through the three levels so they can complete the Letter Pop challenge. If they make mistakes, they won’t progress through the levels and need to start the game again.”

About 2,500 have signed up for the app so far, Chmiel says. He also says that children who are with their parents at open houses or at inspections often get “bored and cranky. Now they can have fun with an element of practical learning,” Chmiel says. "It’s almost like catching two fish with one rod; the app and site address the distraction element with modern technology to keep kids engaged while at the same time building brand awareness in a nice way."

Last month, LJ Hooker began its outreach to children when it launched the Next Barbie Dream Home campaign. 

Source: “Real Estate Agent Targets Kids as Future Clients,” (May 23, 2013) and LJ Hooker

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