April 24, 2018

Realtor.com to Ramp Up Data Accuracy

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Realtor.com to Ramp Up Data Accuracy

Realtor.com has made several upgrades to its listing database that are all aimed at providing the industry’s most accurate housing data. The upgrade includes the adoption of new technology that tracks data at a property level instead of a listing level. 

The upgrades will provide a “more comprehensive view of a specific property’s history, such as price drops and previous times it has been listed for sale,” realtor.com reports in a recent news release. “Additionally, this new database processes aggregate data more frequently — instead of merely at month-end — allowing realtor.com to be more nimble and proactive with its insights into the housing market.”

Realtor.com receives listing data from more than 800 Multiple Listing Services across the country. About 90 percent of its listings are updated every 15 minutes, with any remaining listings being updated at least daily. The frequent updates allow it to constantly add new listings, ensuring duplicates are removed, and make updates on pending and sold properties. 

Source: realtor.com

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